Through a number of projects, I've been able to more fully engage with my school community and my local community.


  • In 2016-2017, I co-led a team which delivered the school's platinum-tier Green Flag, an award which encourages development in global citizenship and sustainability. It follows a decade of campaigning on 'green' issues within the school (on issues like climate change, waste, energy, transport and healthy living). Rougemont was the first independent co-ed mainstream school in the country to achieve this honour.
  • In 2018, I've been working closely with the Holocaust Memorial Trust to bring the Holocaust, and lessons from genocide, closer to a new generation. At a chaotic and dangerous time in global politics, I think these lessons are more important than ever. In February, I went to the site of Auschwitz; I was then able to share my thoughts in writing and in a series of speeches to the school community.
  • Starting in 2015, I personally established a new approach within the school to LGBT issues. Following a pro-LGBT publicity campaign delivered in collaboration with the charity Stonewall, we worked on an initiative for staff in dealing with LGBT-specific bullying and discrimination, and furthering the inclusion of trans and non-binary students into the school community.
  • We've been also encouraging student engagement in the arts, even within a school with a strong academic focus. I've worked to organise events like the 2017 fashion show, 'sparkle', which is entirely student-produced and includes a strong focus upon the unique identity of young people. Other arts projects can be found under 'film'.
  • I've been keen to encourage the study of languages as a tool for stimulating global thought - recently, through celebration of the European Day of Languages (delivered in partnership with the languages department and Routes into Languages Wales),  we've developed a global cultural immersion strategy for year one to two (age 5-7) students through fun and engaging lessons about European languages, religions and cultures.