Edward Rhŷs Jones


Background: Originally from southern Wales, I've lived in England, Iceland and the South Caucasus.
Currently: Research fellow @ CRRC-Armenia, Yerevan; researcher, Armenian Genocide Memorial-Institute, Yerevan.
Academic/Research Interests: The Arctic and Japanese Arctic policy; indigenous visibility in media; Caucasus geopolitics; post-Genocide reconstruction and development, and human rights discourses therein.
Languages: English (mother tongue), French (advanced), Welsh and Icelandic (working), Russian and Armenian (very basic).

BA University of Oxford (2018-2021), further study TBC.
Experience: More on LinkedIn

Talks and seminars:
Oxford Holocaust Memorial Lecture Series: The Holocaust in Film and Literature
External Media links:
Rioni TV Georgia - On twinning partnerships between Georgia and the Wales (dubbed into Georgian)

For a full copy of my CV, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email.